9 Things To Try With A Bottle Of AU Vodka!

AU Vodka range

9 Things To Try With A Bottle Of AU Vodka!

AU Vodka is one of the most popular vodka drinks on the market today, and has been at the forefront of the popularity rise in flavoured vodkas.

Since its release in 2019 the brand has grown to become the biggest vodka brand in the UK & has truly cemented itself as the ultimate premium British vodka.

Below we look at 9 flavours of AU and what you can do with these drinks to make them even better!


AU has been designed to be drunk straight, over ice or as shots; they’re also pretty good mixed with tonic, lemonade or coke. However, who can resist turning amateur mixologist and adding these candy bright, flavoured vodkas to some fan favourite cocktails. 


AU Pineapple Crush: Take a Pina Colada to a whole new level of genius, with AU’s most tropical vodka flavour.

Take 40ml of Pineapple Crush, 2tsps of sugar syrup, 60ml of rum, preferably white, , 40ml of Pineapple juice, 50ml of coconut cream. Place all the ingredients in a blender half filled with ice.  Serve in a suitably tall glass. A cocktail umbrella and slice of pineapple would not look out of place on this Puerto Rican styled beauty!


AU Black GrapeA very simple cocktail, a contemporary take on a Kir Royale if you will.

1tsp sugar syrup, 30ml Black Grape Vodka, chilled Champagne. Add the syrup and vodka to a champagne flute and top up with whatever bubbles you have to hand.


AU Bubblegum: As tempting as it is to make this Wonka-inspired vodka into a stunning, state of the dry-ice topped cocktail; it’s probably best to just add tonic or lemonade and watch the magic happen.  Bring on the dancing unicorns!

AU Double Espresso Liqueur: Maybe we should lay an Espresso Martini recipe here, however, the weather today is arctic. A very trad, very warming Café Royal Cocktail seems a far more better option. 

Line a coffee cup with a shot of Double Espresso Liqueur, top with freshly brewed coffee. Add sugar and a swirl of cream to taste.

AU Fruit Punch: A Woo Woo is a beautiful 80’s drink, which smacks of nostalgia. Take me back! 

50ml of AU Fruit Punch, 25ml peach schnapps, 75ml cranberry juice and a tbsp of lime juice. Shake or stir over ice. Pretty in pink indeed.


AU Green Watermelon: The stunning green of this vodka works brilliantly in this sci-fi inspired martini.

40ml of Watermelon Vodka, 10ml vermouth, 20ml lime juice, 25ml watermelon juice. Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain. Decorate with a twirl of lime peel.


AU Red cherry: This deceptively simple vodka and tonic tastes of early summer.

A small handful of ripe stoned cherries, a spring of mint, 30ml Red Cherry Vodka. Muddle the cherries and mint, then add to a glass part filled with ice. Top off with 30ml of Red Cherry Vodka and 90ml tonic.


AU Blue Raspberry: Channel Samantha rather than Carrie, take a classic cosmopolitan and make it blue.

45ml Blue Raspberry Vodka, 15ml Triple Sec, 30ml Cranberry Juice, 10 Lime Juice. Shake together with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with singed orange zest.


AU Original: Whilst smooth enough to drink neat, AU’s original vodka comes into its own in a Lemon Drop shot, which lets the vodka’s citrus flavours really come to the fore.

Shake: Ice, 20ml AU Original, 20ml lemon juice, 110ml sugar syrup, then strain into a shot glass. Add a sugar rim to the shot glass beforehand if you’re feeling sweet!

All Flavours of AU can be found on our Vodka page, where you can also find a variety of other flavoured and non-flavoured English vodkas.


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