What are ready to drink cocktails (R2D's) and why are they so popular!

What are ready to drink cocktails (R2D's) and why are they so popular!

Hot on the heels of ‘gins in tins’, a mainstay of picnics in the park and open-air gigs over the last few years, are pre-mixed cocktails. Early iterations by major supermarkets had a sugar-to-alcohol ratio that made Red Bull look zen, however, new independent producers are now taking the market by storm.


Taking some of the country’s favourite cocktails, such as the legendary Pornstar Martini and quaffable Mojito, brands such as Tapp’d have quite literally tapped (sorry), into this new market.


Using meticulously sourced ingredients and created by mixologists, they make it easy to enjoy bar-level quality cocktails at home or when out and about. Tom Savano produces hand-crafted cocktails of such a high quality that you’ll be tempted to throw your cocktail shaker away for good. Similarly, In The Loop’s beautifully designed flavours (think a Lemon Sherbet Martini!) will whisk you away to a leather-backed bar stool, in the finest of hotel cocktail bars.


If you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. Mavrik create top quality non alcoholic, low calorie pre-mixed cocktails made with totally natural ingredients and fresh Spring Water perfect for sipping in the sun. 


As well as being completely yummy, R2D are also terribly convenient. Delicious and practical, what’s not to like? Check out Real English Drink’s growing range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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