The Rise of the Flavoured Vodka

The Rise of the Flavoured Vodka

Back in the day, my day, vodka was seen as the perfect way of perking up a glass of cola or adding a certain something to orange juice. And with the exception of one particular sophisticated Scandinavian I knew, who took her vodka on the rocks, it seemed that it would always be the spirit you mixed until the taste disappeared into a sea of sugar.   However, times they are a-changin’ and flavoured vodka sales have increased by over 30% since 2019 (source:CGA).


The evolution in the UK, from an unsophisticated shots-only drink , to vodka being treated as a conduit for surprisingly bold and sophisticated flavours, is taking retailers and bars by storm. The resurgence of cocktails has also helped, where high quality, carefully selected mixers, are used to enhance the flavour of the vodka rather than mask it.


red.h Toffee Vodka is the perfect example. Distilled in small batches and made from South Downs water, this isn’t like the flavoured vodka of old, but a smooth beautiful drink that asks to be treated like whisky and sipped by an open fire. Either that or use it to take an espresso martini to the next level…


35ml red.h Toffee Vodka

20ml Kahlua

20ml Sugar syrup

One shot of espresso

Garnish with coffee beans


Pour all of the ingredients into an iced filled shaker, shake vigorously. Strain and pour into a martini glass, garnish with coffee beans if you have them.


Real English Drinks sells a curated range of beautiful flavoured vodka and gin, from bestselling Lemon Meringue Pud through to AU’s Bubble Gum vodka, there is sure to be something for every tastebud and every mixologist.

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