Valentines Day Cocktails

Valentines Day Cocktails

Those looking to avoid overpriced red roses and teddies clutching heartfelt messages could do well to look at gifting a bottle of premium spirits this Valentine’s Day. Especially if it’s a bottle which contains a beautifully premixed cocktail, ready to be shared and enjoyed with a loved one!

Those with a strong Italian spirit would undoubtedly love an Orange Negroni, whilst the street smart may be more taken with a Vanilla Rumhattan and for your party lover, a Lemon Sherbert Martini. 

If your valentine is sweet enough already, then a premium vodka such as the red.h Single Estate is smooth enough to be enjoyed over ice or pairs perfectly with any mixer or is the perfect starting point for experimenting with your own cocktails.

There is also a large, growing range of nonalcoholic cocktails and spirits available, which still have the good looks and taste of the real stuff, without the next day regret.

Alcohol free Cocktails – Real English Drinks

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